Should You Use AI For Niche Blogging?

Yes. But only for drafts and guidelines when writing for your niche blog.

Niche blogging is a type of blogging where you as a blogger focus on a particular topic or niche, instead of writing about a wide range of topics.

Well on paper that looks great. But in practice it requires a lot of dedication, discipline and quality content.

Keyword is: yup, quality content.

Long before ChatGPT or Perplexity came along, there were plenty of AI writing tools.

It was only when ChatGPT opened the gates, those AI writing tools became more popular than ever with new ones coming every day of the week.

I use AI. 

As an AID. And there is a difference.

Every blogpost you read here, is written manually. With personal input, opinions and probably with the necessary mistakes as a non-native English speaker.

But that makes it more human. I too have to learn to write better overtime.

I made of list of why you should or should not use AI.

Reasons Why You Should Use AI

  • Research
  • Keyword research
  • Topic inspiration
  • Fact checking
  • Guidelines

Reasons Why You Should NOT Use AI

  • Write entire blog posts
  • Thinking quantity is better than quality
  • A replacement for human writers
  • A replacement for emotions and depth

While I do believe AI will improve over the years for niche bloggers, I do not see the human factor disappear. Ever.

Every niche blog I follow writes quality content where you as a reader feel the emotions of the writer or the experience they want to share.

This is something AI can never replace. The human factor stays critical.

If you go from a POV that AI writing tools are there to help you progress and write better then yes, you most likely will win the race and as a bonus improving your writing skills.

Blatantly copying the output will hurt your credibility.

Imagine you write about: “Best Places To Visit In Europe”

And you copy paste the entire text.

You cannot forget that other niche bloggers ask the exact same query and they will get (almost) an identical copy of the output you received.

In other words: The same copied content published on millions of other niche blogs will send a strong signal to search engines that you were too lazy, which can lead to a penalty or being buried by the big G himself.

How Should You Use AI Writing Tools?

Here’s my idea and guideline I follow when writing more in-depth articles:

  • Make a list of keywords (through a keyword tool or ChatGPT e.g.)
  • Ask AI for some inspiration in titles
  • Use a simple prompt with the tool to write you a blog post. (This only serves as a guideline)
  • Start rewriting it in your own words and add additional facts, paragraphs or personal input
  • Repeat

AI writing tools merely help you to speed up the process, but it’s still YOU that needs to do the heavy lifting.

When you start a niche blog, think about your workflow, process, and integration of free and premium tools in your productivity stack.

Always remember: If you were to write, does it sound like you when talking to someone in real life?

Always write for humans first. Search engines come in secondary.

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