Can Blogging Make You Rich? Yes, If You Stay Consistent.

Sure it can. If you can stay consistent in your blogging efforts. On average you will need to put in 1-2 years of hard work before seeing any 4-5 figure income.

Blogging remains relevant and is far from dead. But with over 600 million blogs worldwide and millions of new blog posts published daily, it’s a tall order to blog your way to financial freedom.

The most common ways to make money through blogging are:

  • Advertisements through platforms like Mediavine or Google Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing, where you earn kickbacks or commissions when people sign up through your links
  • Sponsored posts, when companies reach out to write a review about their product or services
  • Selling your own digital products or services, such as templates, consulting or merchandise
  • Through donations and supporters, I use Buy Me A Coffee to accomplish that

But hold on here! Before you start dreaming about a big mansion or fancy cars, I want to share some of my personal experiences and the steps I took to make a significant ‘passive income’.

Mistakes I Made In Blogging And What You Should Do

Assuming you picked your niche and set up your blog already, here are some of the mistakes I made in the first niche blogs I launched 2 decades ago.

Start Slow, Increase Your Efforts

I was not consistent enough in blogging. Google scours the web 24/7 and crawls published websites all day for new information. And I was very irregular in my blogging efforts. Sometimes I post 3 posts in a week, then 2 weeks nothing.

And that’s a mistake. You better post one per week and stay consistent throughout the year because:

  • Keeping a recurring schedule will improve your trust factor to search engines
  • Your audience will recognize a pattern that you blog every Friday for example and like to re-visit your blog on a regular basis.

I have more than one blog and BoringHQ is where I post the most content, almost daily. Blogging is nearly a full-time job for me outside of my other activities including coaching/consulting.

Anyways, here is what I would do:

  • Map out a content schedule. You don’t need to fill in the topics yet. But think deeply about the frequency.
  • When you’re new to blogging, start with one piece of content per week and slowly increase the frequency
  • Before launching your blog, build a buffer of blog posts (anywhere between 4-20 would do). This will help you to schedule posts in advance and in case you can’t write or are too busy, your frequency will not slow down

Honestly, I got saved more than once by building a buffer of blog posts.

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Research, And More Research

Back in the day, it was much harder to research a specific topic. Now we have plenty of SEO tools, and AI assistants like Perplexity, CoPilot, or ChatGPT and it makes it a little bit easier.

And I mean a little bit. Using AI tools for niche blogging is great for accelerating your writing and research process.

I write often from my personal experience but I still want to validate lots of facts I might embed into my content.

Blogging is 80% research, 10% writing and 10% editing.

Crafting well thought out content is something I often forgot back then. I was favoring quantity over quality and my blog posts were not providing enough information.

Search engines favor high-quality blog posts where accurate info is provided. I spend my days in the morning researching and writing in the afternoon. It’s a routine that works for me.

Don’t Ignore Old Blog Posts

I made the crucial mistake of thinking that writing a post, publishing it, and going with the ‘set and forget’ mindset is the way to go.

Don’t do it. Build in a discipline where you revisit old content regularly. Do this instead:

  • Publish your content
  • Set a reminder 3-6 months from the publishing date
  • Take time to re-reread your blog post and optimize where needed
  • Add possible new internal links for a better SEO structure

Search engines love old content as much as new, as long as it’s relevant and updated. If you ignore your old posts, you are missing opportunities to create a better internal link structure.

On-page SEO is critical and by revisiting your old content you bake in a discipline working on your blog every day and night.

Write With Authenticity

AI writing tools have been taking the writing landscape by storm but they cannot beat the authenticity of a human writer.

Before AI tools came to the scene, I wrote for the sake of making money and not with enough authenticity and that just doesn’t work. I learned my lesson and killed of a couple niche blogs because of this reason.

See it like this:

Most readers rather follow a suggestion or recommendation from a person/blogger that writes with heart and soul and use their affiliate link for example.

Readers trust the person/blog and appreciate their input through well-researched quality content.

This is why so many great niche blogs make 5 to 6 figures a month. Because they are authentic and are passionate about the subject.

Have Passion In Your Writing

Which is an extension of the previous point, but you gotta have passion in what you write about.

I know a blog that has been writing for 5 years straight. About baking bread and bread variants. One blog post per week and this individual makes about $30K per month now.

Yes, he has been consistent and yes they published hundreds of articles. But the strength lies in the passion he writes about this niche.

  • Always pick a topic or multiple topics YOU love to write about. 
  • Showcase what YOU love to do and it’s a lot easier to express that passion and authenticity in your niche blog.

And I strongly believe that, or better yet know for a fact that this is one of the main reasons for getting rich in blogging.

Don’t Think About Monetization Yet

Sounds a bit contradictory but I made the mistake in the past that I started a niche blog with the sole purpose of making money.

The fundamentals of blogging is to express yourself. See it like a diary or a journey you want to share with the rest of the world.

Monetization usually comes after 6-12 months once you gain some authority, a loyal following, or even companies reaching out for a partnership.

Always write for an audience first and money will follow. This can take ages, but once you gain some traction it often goes hyperbolic.

Don’t be discouraged when you earn nothing in the first year. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

And last but not least:

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

You’re not building a spaceship. You are creating a simple blog. Don’t worry too much about the layout or design and just write.

You don’t need a lot of things to get started and make the process from research to publishing as simple as possible.

Just. Start. Writing.

You will figure out a systematic process down the line or you can check out my guide.

All it takes is:

  • Pen and paper
  • A simple keyword tool
  • Common sense
  • Google Docs or MS Word
  • Perplexity or any AI tool for research
  • A table in Notion or Google Sheets to map out your keyword research

None of it requires any true cost (outside of your WordPress hosting or potentially design)

Final Note

Blogging can make you rich but it’s not a passive income. Not even close. You will need to work on your blog regularly to yield significant results.

In order to make $1000/month you probably will need 1-2 years at least in consistent efforts.

It can eventually turn into a more passive income through display ads, recurring revenue through affiliate links, or be an extension for another business.

The turtle will win the race in blogging. And hundreds of thousands blogs are abandoned in the first year of inception.

Beat them and you have a shot in getting wealthy/wealthier through blogging.

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