What Is NotebookLM By Google?

NotebookLM is an experimental AI-powered notebook application developed by Google that aims to help users better understand and synthesize information from multiple sources. 

The current key features of NotebookLM are:

  • Allowing users to upload their own documents, such as Google Docs, PDFs, and text, which the AI model then becomes “grounded” in, meaning it can provide responses based on the specific information in those sources.
  • It can automatically generate summaries, key topics, and questions to help users better comprehend the material.
  • Users can ask NotebookLM questions about the uploaded sources, and it will provide answers with relevant citations from the original documents.
  • It can be used to generate new ideas, such as scripts or outlines, based on the user’s uploaded content.
  • The application is designed to keep user data secure, as the AI model only has temporary access to the uploaded sources and does not store or use that information to train new models.